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deanial of nature size 60x54in paper  paincil ink.jpg



An aspiring artist who perceives art in the trivialities of life. My art reflects my surroundings. I've always been surrounded by nature since I was a child, which has kept me grounded in every way. And the connection to nature comes naturally in my paintings. Throughout my journey, I have attempted to express myself through woods, colours, textures, and other mediums. For me, there is a constant fear of what will happen if humans become disconnected from nature. Following my graduation from Banaras Hindu University and subsequent post-graduation from the same university, I have been looking for a language in which my arts can speak for themselves. Varanasi, as a city, has given my spirituality new meaning. Locals, Ganges, Ghats, Gods and Goddesses, and even tourists have all added a unique dimension to my approach. I wish that this quest for deriving a definite language should be unending to keep me inspired and motivated to always find something new.


Tribhuwan Nath

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